Abandoned, found, special. Forever!


Main Fields of Activities


We provide help and guidance during all phases of the adoption process, and the related procedures. We encourage all of you to contact us if: 

  • you wish to extend your family by adoption;

  • you see fostering and preparing abandoned children for adoption as your calling.


We work on building families and the larger family of society. Our events provide space for addressing topical subjects (thematic conferences), and for nurturing existing and for establishing new relationships (family days).


In Romania only closed type adoption is available. We are here to assist the main participants of this process. Our assistance does not cover intermediation in adoption approval processes, but includes the following:

  • family care: counselling and support in crisis;

  • preparation of families intending to adopt;

  • keeping records about all parties to adoption (families wishing to adopt, birth parents, children);

  • writing recommendations, based on our records, about parents suitable for a particular child;

  • providing post-adoption support, counselling and follow-up care for birth parents and adoptive parents as needed;

This is our story...

The Mission for Orphans Christian Foundation was established as a branch organization of the Gipsy Mission Foundation in 2015. Our Mission is to help children who unfortunately fall victim to child abandonment in the gipsy communities, so that they come to Christian families. Within this, our foundation concentrates on uniting children left in maternities with loving families.

„Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. TAKE UP THE CAUSE OF THE FATHERLESS; PLEAD THE CASE OF THE WIDOW.”

(Isaiah 1:17, NIV)



Our Stories

We are most thankful for the interest many of you manifested in the cases of children in crisis. There are some developments we want to share with you about their situation:

To say that you and I are a miracle is very common place nowadays. Too many try to catch a bit of our attention by making this reference. But the sparkle of them fade away as we are served miracles filled with all kinds of acceptable and unacceptable contents. Nevertheless, I'm writing now in the defense of miracles. Not too...



We are grateful for God for being able to support this year again the camping of a few orphans and children living with foster families. We found that summer camps are important for the children, because these provide a space for them to grow spiritually, to learn about God, to know His unconditional love.

Robika, his sibling, and their...