This is Our Story

The Mission for Orphans Christian Foundation was established as a branch organization of the Gipsy Mission Foundation in 2015. Our Mission is to help children who unfortunately fall victim to child abandonment in the gipsy communities, so that they come to Christian families. Within this, our foundation concentrates on uniting children left in maternities with loving families.


Our Mission: the Family

We strongly believe that the unique life of each and every child abandoned and found has to continue in a family. We connect children left to fate with families yearning for children. This way orphans can become children of decent Christian families, and blossom into healthy adulthood.

In the process of bringing them together we provide practical and moral support, but first and foremost, protection for the orphaned. Throughout this process we focus on three key areas: on orphan welfare, family welfare, and on engaging the family of supporters.

Our team of professional healthcare workers and volunteers keep records about and follow up on newborns left in hospitals, orphans straying in-between places, and children living in care homes. Most of the funding we receive goes towards improving the quality of their life during transition (see our NEWBORN KIT, HEPATECT collecting-boxes etc.).

Our records are continuously updated with the families wishing to adopt. We can help them better understand, deal with and prepare for this process, but they can count on us on the long term as well, since adoption is only the beginning. The FAQ section, our events and panel discussions are dedicated to them.

Thanks to the background our family of supporters create, orphans, individuals in crisis and adopting families can feel safe. In our work we often encounter spiritual, moral and emotional needs. Fulfilling them requires processes that depend on a multitude of factors, and for this we need to mobilize human and financial resources as well. In all of this our faithful supporters stand by us as a true family. As for the results: words speak no louder than the results themselves (see OUR STORIES).



Know the Real Heroes


Kőszegi Dániel is the dreamer behind the Christian Gipsy Mission Foundation and the Mission for Orphans Christian Foundation, he is also the owner of Daniella Group, and an active spiritual worker and preacher.


Bántó Ruben is the chairman of the Mission for Orphans Christian Foundation, and the COO of the Electromega Kft.   


Dr. Kovács József is the member of the Mission for Orphans Christian Foundation's board of trustees, a pastor, an assistant professor of Theology, and a Bible School director.


Bántó Zoltán is the member of the Mission for Orphans Christian Foundation's board of trustees, and the mayor of Șamșud.


Gere János manages the Mission for Orphans Christian Foundation, he also works at the Kajántó Mária Children and Youth Home, volunteers at the UCB CHRISTIAN MEDIA HUNGARY Foundation and the Manna Foundation.


Szűcs Lenke is the social work assistant of the Mission for Orphans Christian Foundation, a social worker at the Dr. Pop Mircea Municipal Hospital in Marghita, a preschool and religion teacher, and wife to a minister.


Budai Evódia is the public relations collaborator of the Mission for Orphans Christian Foundation, the chairwoman of the Barnabás Foundation, a conference speaker for women, and wife to a minister.


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