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Newborn Kit

Preparations are made for every baby's arrival. But abandoned children do not arrive to such circumstances. They sometimes lack even the basics during their stay at the hospital (nappies, bath products, onesies, blankets, mattresses etc.). From this collecting-box we buy them such items.


The children we find, often come from disadvantaged backgrounds, or are given birth by mothers with hepatitis B infection. The onset of liver disease in adulthood as a complication of this infection can be prevented by injecting newborns with HEPATECT CP immunoglobulin. We need to purchase this solution and make arrangements that it is administered in the recommended time frame after birth. Please help our endeavours!


Adoption procedures generate significant direct and indirect costs. Here you can reach out and help us cover some of these costs, so that no adoption story will be stalled for financial reasons. Thank you!

Developmental Activities

The organizing and funding of developmental activities is probably the hardest and most burdensome long-term task for any family or child. Support them, so that they have access to adequate help without delay and continuously.


Nutrition and the quality of care in the early years are decisive for children's development, but there are unfortunate situations when they need to make up for falling behind in their physical development by taking vitamins and food supplements. Help them recover!


Quality leisure time is about happiness. Children should enjoy sports, music, hiking, visiting sights or events. These experiences can inspire them later on in life, even in making life-transforming decisions. Help them discover value in their leisure!


Events are the second area we strongly focus on besides adoptions. Our goal is to strengthen our extended net of families as a community and by professional support. Funds from this box will be used to invite professionals, to accommodate families during events, and to ensure the smooth running of these events. Thank you for getting involved with your material means and knowledge!

Holiday Activities

Holidays replace day-to-day routine in every child's life. Therefore, for children in care homes holidays are an opportunity to get away from their institutional life. Support their camping opportunities and dedicated holiday activities! Lifechanging encounters may depend on this!


Occasionally we hand out Bibles to those whom we come into contact with. Support us in sharing our values in this manner as well!

Dedicated Sponsorship

If you wish to sponsor a child on a long term and more personal basis, here you can do it. We use the funds that are dedicated to a child for educational, talent development, sports etc. activities.

Contact us, and let's find the child for you to "adopt" this way.


On a few occasions financial support for medical procedures was needed. We expect similar occurrences in the future as well. Help us help the most vulnerable to return to health!

Children's Care Home

The existing children care homes are a painful reminder of the life prospects of children who have been forced to live here, but also of the mission our foundation has. Until institutions like this exist, there must be people who keep their eyes on the children and respond without hesitation to their needs. This is where we can mediate. With a thankful heart we are looking forward to your offerings!


Help children in need!