We are grateful for God for being able to support this year again the camping of a few orphans and children living with foster families. We found that summer camps are important for the children, because these provide a space for them to grow spiritually, to learn about God, to know His unconditional love.

Robika, his sibling, and their mum, went to a camp with Gere János. They made a lot of friends, laughed and sang a lot, and also had the opportunity to learn about the greatness of God. We are thankful to the Lord for being given this opportunity.

A family from the Szeklerland that took in three children also benefited from our support. In her thank you letter, the mother wrote the following: "The Good Lord made me feel his infinite providence. May your life and the donor's life be blessed! Thank you very much for your help, thanks to you all three of my children were able to attend the children's week at Camp Harghita. May the blessings of our Good Lord follow you throughout your lives!"

Some of the children, who otherwise would have not had the chance, had been able to attend the Hóreb Camp in Bihor county. It brings us happiness when we can "take in" children in this manner, and we believe that it hasn't happened for just one vacation.

God be blessed, for He never fails to provide for us!