We Saved a Newborn!


We saved a baby from an untreatable disease.

Abandoned babies are often born sick. Most of the diseases can be cured, or the damage to the newborn's health can be reversed by a smaller intervention. Cases of babies who carry hepatitis B transmitted by their infected mothers seem to recur. This often leads to liver inflammation associated with hepatitis, and if no Hepatect CP immunoglobulin is administered to the newborns (within 72 hours following birth), this can cause serious and even untreatable forms of liver diseases later in life.

Purchasing the Hepatect PC immunoglobulin requires serious financial efforts (at this time it costs 1137 RON in Romania), and the orphaned babies have no relatives who would cover for the costs. This is why our foundation has offered support in four such cases already. We saved a little boy (Gerzsonka) and a little girl (with the Varga family now). They've found their families since then and are in good health. Within the framework of the Hepatect project we offer support in cases like these.

The news about the little Varga girl came very unexpectedly. The mother was unable to raise her, and she was a hepatitis B carrier. There were no State funds for the vaccine. They turned to our foundation for help, and since fast intervention was needed, yesterday we advertised the case through our social media channel (Facebook) too. The amount needed to cover the vaccine came in a few hours, and what's more: the donations exceeded the asked amount. Our colleague has already purchased the vaccine, and the little one will receive it today. We are grateful for all the help we've been offered! This is a project for which we accept support on an ongoing basis. In your bank transfer please fill out the Comments/Observation field with the following: "donation for Hepatect". For further information, do not hesitate to contact us!

Our newsletters on coming events, and the current situation of the babies, deliver more information for anyone interested. Please, write us a message or an e-mail, if interested!

Thank you very much!
The team at the Mission for Orphans Foundation